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working on things for u

February 01, 2021

fav things lately

working on for u

Babas Pants:

most comfortable pants 

+ because hearts for pockets. K made perfect heart shape for ur pockets.

summer dresses + tops + shoes + etc incominggggg

blessings to u Emerson Fry


January 28, 2021

beautiful beautiful beautiful in the office this wk



December 02, 2020


what happens is the universe gives you such talented kind people to work with and they make you the most beautiful jeweled twin spiders for your babies and u wear them everyday as brooches from then on. thank you K. 

handblock fete pant

November 25, 2020

handblock fete pant

can do can do can do all over gingham dream  <3 

colors of pressed flowers

November 08, 2020

colors of pressed flowers

colors of quiet small beautiful things

also u know Johnny pant is so comfortable + washes down into such a soft easy everyday pant.


things you can do in a big coat

October 26, 2020

things you can do in a big coat

u can make

big shapes

(these are things we're making for u, u want to shop these things? pls email customer service for info) :)

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