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August 17, 2023

life lately




March 23, 2023


 beautiful places



 + wonderful people                



knit in LA

October 07, 2022

knit in LA

1000 small things that make up the Big Beautiful

August 18, 2022

1000 small things that make up the Big Beautiful

note from me (emerson): 

what you look for 

for your customers

is a high end producer that cares

so much about the finished product

that he will contact you after the design 

is finalized

just to say “i was looking at this and i think we should change the spacing of the laces to make the proportions of the boot more beautiful” 

the business we are in is one thousand details  

(with you constantly in mind). 

to form partnership with producers that take the care to look at those details with this kind of precision for you is remarkable and treasured by us.


thank you for the honor to focus on this - to make heirloom pieces that will last a lifetime and only become more interesting, more beautiful from your own story and wear

we are happy to focus on this thousand details

and incredibly honored to work with producers like this (for you)



Good Boots going up for Small Batch Pre-Order

August 11, 2022

so many goodies going up for you for small batch Pre-Order this week 

Tall Boot 

the much asked for white Lou Boot is coming soon

long awaited by customers Over The Knee Boot in black suede 

Lug Sole Platform Boot that will be the best thing to stride around streets in this fall 

love to imagine how you'll wear these. 

thank you, e. 


January 18, 2022

layer these pants up and 

then wear in summer

elastic waistband + sailor leg = because comfortable + the silhouette 

beautiful woven hat coming up for you this spring 

our Calico Sugar Print in linen w/ micro amount of stretch

grove print in linen 

buttery soft Unisex organic layering crewneck

boots are for u next fall so not right now but soonish-laterish

+ these little walking slingback are coming up for you this spring in a fawn woven leather and a beautiful black woven leather

Organic mens shirt (unisex) coming up for you and/or your men who you know, love and/or shop for

or brother/father/sister/mother/auntie/self

could make good shapes in the size XL 

but can wear more fitted - would just order usual size or size down

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