About Emerson Fry

It is our great honor to work for our customers everyday!

And we make clothes that are consciously + purposefully made to last


it is our ongoing goal to be as close to Zero Waste as we can get
We strive for this through:
-Made to Order for you
-limited production runs
-meticulous attention to stock management


our ongoing goal is to work as much as possible with the most eco-conscious fabrics and processes
below are fabrics we aim to work with most often + why:
-organic cottons + organic fibers (for clean water, clean soil, healthy eco-system)
-hemp (clean water, naturally pest resistant crops (less or no pesticides, replenished nutrients in soil, healthy eco-system, beautiful character, long lasting fiber)
-linen (plant based, long lasting fiber, beautiful character, better with age)
-tencel (wood pulp based, less water used to produced, takes less dye to take color, check it out: https://www.lenzing.com)
-silk + wool
-recycled fibers
-jobbers: luxury brands mill too much fabric and we buy the excess stock


for our own fabric productions we work with:
-Low Impact Dyes
-Plant Based Dyes

it is our great honor to make clothes for you in the USA!

We passionately believe in the importance of creating + supporting USA jobs + USA factories.
thank you customers for making it possible for us to make clothing in the USA.

it is our great pleasure to partner with hand block print artists in india for our india collection!

Our India collection is focused around the art of Hand Block Print + Tie Dye.
there are few techniques that come close to the soulful beauty + character of hand-block printed fabric.
we are honored to support the continuation of this centuries old artform with our partners in India
+ to create truly one of a kind pieces that can be passed down for years to come.

the EF family is small team

of dedicated, hard working, talented, focused people.
We are lucky to work with the best people in the industry
+ Each piece of clothing you buy from Emerson Fry is made with love
Thank you for shopping with us! it is a great honor to make clothing for you!
there is a reason why the clothes of by-gone eras survived to be sold as vintage.
why a 1930s slip is saved for decades by a grandmother then passed on to granddaughter to be worn again to a dinner party in 2020.
why a 1970s wool coat can have a new life worn on the street 40 years later.
these were inspired, beautifully made clothes made from long wearing fabrics.
we want our clothes to be the same for our customer. loved for years, treasured, passed down. remembered.
Thank you customers for the opportunity to make clothing for the great story of YOU!
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