Note from E

March 15, 2017

Note from E

Thank you for our most amazing and rewarding year to date. 

We welcomed our girls last february and the biggest love i've ever known went into my heart. We knew it was very important to keep the business going and personally for me molding our business into something that I could manage at the same time was critical and I have so much thanks to our people and to you our customers.

We had no idea that the pre-order series would explode the way it did and that customers would love it the way they have. Every day we're focused on our customers, what you'll like and be excited about. We love to think of how you'll wear the pieces and enjoy them over the years, and we're always thinking about how we'll make these pieces and products serve you for the long run. 

We are opening a new business in the coming year for you that’s a surprise for you, along with continuing the popular pre-order series of some very beautiful pieces lined up. If you have any thoughts on this past season or any items that you would like to see for next year, we love to hear from you.  Any thoughts will automatically be entered into our monthly feedback giveaway for free stuff and one of a kinds. 

Shoot a note to with subject line “Fall Feedback”. 

Thank you customers and friends and the very best wishes to you and yours, 


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