tux happening

October 12, 2016

tux happening

happening today

long mens style tux - can be worn for every day and occasion possible because i'll tell you what, given the materials and cut (linen + silk), its going to wear better and better with time. sort of like a motorcycle jacket in that way. you wear it so many ways for so many reasons it becomes one of your signature things in your closet. when you've got things like that in your closet you enjoy the history of that jacket you wore here and here and here and there too. travel it across the globe. find matches from far flung place in the pocket. 

what else is happening

masterpieces in the sky. look up today and see whats happening up there for you and only you. if its all grey sky for you today its still good to take it all in because what other view will give you so much space to breathe. 

ok customers!

send us photos ok!

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