December 30, 2017


shooting Anna in EF and archive VTG this week

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January 10, 2018


when the question is 'what is my path' 

the answer is and will always be:  do the things you are naturally drawn to and deeply enjoy doing

the things that are deeply enjoyable to you are your path 

now you can say - 'well how can that be - they seem small or unimportant or there are already others doing what i want to do and i havn't even begun' etc. 

well lets be more specific about what enjoyable things mean: 

What is deeply enjoyable to you is either part of your Greatest Project or it is an important activity to balance your energy levels and bring the mind into peaceful balance - and let me emphasize that peaceful balance is absolutely the most valuable asset you can ever have when it comes to anything you want to do or any level of success you want to have - so by all means - do those things you deeply enjoy and don't question the value.

on this topic of being a 'beginner'

well all great masters Began.

but when it comes to the things you really want to do, look back i bet you've been focused these things much of your life in some way because it is natural to you, so you're not such a beginner after all - are you

then there is this topic of 'what its worth':

You could say 'well the thing I enjoy is making collages - how am I going to make a living on that'?

well some people do make a living on that but remember - the activity of making collages is important in and of itself for what it does for you and it is part of a bigger process of unfolding. so for gods sake --- just do this thing that is natural and interesting to you and just respect it

What if other people say what you enjoy isn’t important enough?
well Children this is one of my favorite topics! i'm so glad we landed here

To answer this I say: if it is important to you that means it is important.

You have to understand other people are not there to give you permission or approve or propel you forward, you have your own inner propulsion system and thats called 'what i like to do', and only you can do that.

sometimes you meet a bunch of people who enjoy it too and then you really have a lot of fun but most the time you just focus quietly on it because its fun for you in the quietness of your heart and thats IT. 

Take satisfaction in your own satisfaction. Take enjoyment in your enjoyments.

Let other people do that also - especially let them do that. 

please have great respect for the gifts that you hold and understand that they will gradually unfold throughout your whole life, as they are meant to - not to bloom all at once but a series of blooming phases - you wouldn't yell at a rose bud and say "bloom faster dammit!".

well you are too that beautiful mysterious garden just waiting to open many times, at just the right time, every time. 

i write this for my daughters and occasionally students who write me with questions. maybe someday i'll delete it all into the ether. i type fast as hell and thats just the speed i like which is why its never going to be a masterful piece of writing but it will say what it needs to say. thank you 

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for the love
for the love

December 29, 2017

for the love love love for the love

also i think we should make these boots for our customers again

but w a 3" heel this time

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Topic - 1 No Limitations
Topic - 1 No Limitations

December 22, 2017

Topic 1: No Limitations 

Daughters the first thing i want you to understand is that if there is something that you want deeply there are no limitations. 

and it is very important to know what to do with other peoples opinions about what you want to do, no matter how 'expert' they are supposed to be. in fact a real expert will tell you that the scope of possibilities is actually infinite. 

when other people have a limited view of what you are capable of - you must decide if you will let their perspective override your own.  you have to ask - why is their perspective more sacred to me than my own - why is their perspective more sacred than my desire to deepen my belief in myself and my abilities. 

its very important to understand that other people are not the key to your abilities. they can inspire you, and they can give opinions and inevitably you absolutely must follow one thing: your belief in You. 

other people are not here to give you permission to do it. they are simply other people, and you know what we do we wish them well with the deepest lovingness of our hearts  - and then get back to believing in You. 

many of the things we have in life today and things we see in other people around us were deemed 'impossible' by someone at some point. what does that say about other peoples opinions you tell me. 

the question is always going to be: do I follow Me or someone outside who has no knowledge of my completely unique process of unfolding here. 

however if you do want to look outside for advice or opinions look at the endless words of people who did 'impossible' things first..... then don't look elsewhere! children what is the point of looking for advice from people who haven't done it themselves? 

"when you have exhausted all possibilities remember this - you haven't" Thomas Edison

when your heart has a desire consider it done. 

hold that in your mind please daughters and see what happens. 


i write this here for my daughters and someday it'll go somewhere else right now its here

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