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Hello customers and friends, 

warm spring line arrived this week!

following are some key pieces from warm spring lineup:

Caftan (above) is a continuation in a series, shortened and in organic linen. these pieces are really functional for pull on and wear most of high summer and through every warm climate vacation. you could pack this, a bikini, sarong and a couple necessities and have the smallest bag on the plane. there is something nice about that kind of simplicity when on vacation. if you are looking for a piece that fits that does that we have some great caftans coming up in warm spring

new addition to our line of linen jerseys is racerback tank which will be great for customers who are buying from these investment basics - white and hand dyed french linen

slate bikini (removable straps) cold spring/warm spring we worked with a lot layering darks - good dark neutral alternatives to black

also worked with really beautiful slate greys to ice white cotton yarns for summer weight sweaters that have a slouchy easy fit and step down back

rerunning italian slides- continue to be customer favorite because so easy particularly for travel or office. these fall between everyday and can dress up for anything you need to dress up

ryan shirt is unisex and men and women are wearing this around the office which is great. washed slate cotton/linen really nice for summer so ran forward from cold spring

nice alternative to work shirt and tonal dark (black buttons)

midi wrap skirt is clean long line and simple. great for layering

dress tank is another work basics option and you can wear this in high summer as an easy go to

v column dress, easy long line, fall away from the body, great for high summer, easy to dress up/down

let's look at wrap pant. this pant is fit to yourself, easy, fall away from the body fit, custom styling (neat wrap (below) or paper bag tie (2 down))

lightweight but makes a great shape on the leg and folds into nothing, great for trips, essential for weekend if you are looking for easy slouchy pant proportions

and yeh we did in hot red because this style carries color really well, it's a really easy unprecious way to have big color in wardrobe. pretty non-committal and fun when you feel like a burst of color needs to happen.

happy warm spring everyone thanks from everyone at emerson fry!