why sparkle in the closet or anything else

December 15, 2016

why sparkle in the closet or anything else

why sparkle in the closet (or have anything else thats not everyday) i'll tell you why when you're running your ass off doings throughout the week it feels so good to wip open the closet doors and see that sparkle glittering back for you - one of those things that suddenly brings you back to this moment here and gives so much visual pleasure. can you have too many sparkle pieces? no. when you're not wearing them do they look beautiful on hanger as art? F yes. hang that thing up on the wall and just leave it there. i've said this before and i'll say it again a sequin garment is thousands of planes of light glittering in unison. human beings figured out how to do this as fabric. lets let that blow the mind into outerspace where it belongs 

i'm so glad we touched base on this thank you. 

ps if you're interested in inquiring about this piece above this is Emerson Fry from several years ago. pls contact our customer service subject: Orion Keyhole Dress 

thank you

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