Masculine + Feminine

November 09, 2017

Masculine + Feminine

transformative power of clothing

wear your sequin dress with the long sleeves and plunging neckline for a friday night in with the family and watch your kids faces glow because mom sparkles when she feels like it. wear the mens smoking jacket with black denims and stilettos to the party with messy hair. wear the sheer black mesh dress after the bath. pick out your favorite kimono after work.

dressing can be a freedom to emphasize everything as the special that it really is.

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Q + A w. E
Q + A w. E

October 13, 2017

Recently a student wrote to ask some questions about how to start a business, get motivated, find path etc. 

here's the summary of our conversation

Q: Whats your #1. advice for starting a business



Absolutely put Meditation into your daily routine. 

Meditation is going to give you several things simultaneously and rapidly. We can talk about two here having to do with your question and then talk about some ways to meditate.

1. Accessing answers that only you have

the first thing you must understand is that you are an incredible talent and you have exactly all the tools you need inside. it is simply a matter of opening the doors to a quiet place within that holds powerful, calm answers. This quiet place is available to you at all times.  It is accessed through the slowing and suspension of repetitive thoughts until only a deep breath of peacefullness remains. 

Feeling anxious, depressed or unclear in any form is an indication that there is an opportunity to suspend thoughts and access this area of clarity, peace and creative power. 

Meditation is simple direct access to that. 

 2. Thought Awareness, Thought Mastery 

in business and anywhere you want to go in life - it it is absolutely essential to have a keen and continuous awareness of your thoughts and to know that they are all turned in the direction you want to go. 

thoughts not only set your direction in terms of action they either build your energy or deplete your energy to move forward. 

it is actually much bigger than that and you see this clearly through your meditation practice

A thought is like a dial that controls your life energy and your ability to surge with life force/enthusiasm/pleasure.  thoughts either flow your energy in an exhilarating way or suppress your energy. 

this can be noticed by thinking "I think I can" vs "I can't". one is energy flow. one is energy block. or thinking at length about something that you enjoy and observing how good that thought makes you feel, a range of peace and enthusiasm (flowing life force) - and then thinking about something that bothers you and watching what that thought does to your energy (depressed/anxious).

So if i can just as easily think a thought that makes me surge with energy and unleashes my creative power as I can think a thought that suppresses my energy  - why would i ever think anything other than high quality, high-energy-flow thoughts.

When you surge with life force you are at your most powerful. the more life force flows through you the more inspired, clear and direct your actions become. And another thing happens that is probably the most profound: you enjoy the process of watching your business and your life unfold, wherever you happen to be along the way. 

when you know this you are determined to clean out all energy depleting thought patterns and refine your thoughts to only those that serve you as the creative master you are born to be, visualizing and sculpting the masterpiece of your life. 

Become a connoisseur of thoughts is what I am saying, on any area you want to enjoy in life, and watch what happens.

Meditation is going to give you many gifts and this ability to watch thoughts and choose which to keep and which discard is only one of them. you'll find so many gifts and they will continue to multiply. 

How to meditate:

one way is listening to sounds. this can be done with the sounds around you, birds calling, cars, the sound of activity around you. Set a timer and just listen to sounds with your full attention from its start to its finish and then the next one that arises. As you listen actively, your thoughts stop because your focus is only on listening. This is all you need to do and it is a very simple practice.

This is where meditation/singing bowls are helpful. There are many ways you can play and use these bowls but looking at the most simple. This is a vessel that resonates continuous full sound into a tiny disappearing point and you can follow its entire length. 

Strike the bowl and listen to the sound until it fades into a disappearing point, then strike it again. Time out 3 or 10 minutes of this and then increase your time to 20 minutes or as long as you want. 

Initially your thoughts will interrupt your listening.

here you'll notice how the thoughts that come in make you feel/what they do to your energy.

the more you practice the more you're going to catch those thoughts that do not serve you in daily life and promptly discard them - because you'll become accustomed to peace resonating within from your meditation practice. peace is clarity. and like any other thing that we mastered, just the repetition of letting yourself go back to listening is all you'll need to do. 

Remember that every time you strike the bowl and listen, you master your mind. Each time you go back to listening, you go back to your peace which is where all your wisdom comes from. This is a very quick process, because a quiet, calm, powerful mind is what you started and your natural inheritance. 

Going back to what the quiet mind is: it is the well of answers, and it is the source of happiness, calm. Anyone searching for happiness – simply get into the habit of quieting your mind at will - and see what happens. Get into the habit of cultivating good feeling thoughts only – as a standard. 


We are living in a very exciting time where many people around the world are using this tool and I imagine someday this will be one of the first things we teach our children the importance of practicing throughout life.

Good luck! 

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riding on flux
riding on flux

October 06, 2017

if you make the habit of taking the long view it is impossible to be anxious about anything for long because you understand that everything is in flux, that flux is freedom and literally the the hand of creation. 

things that move can be molded, changed, influenced. 

you can apply this to the scope of your life and you can apply this to your perspective on the world.

appreciating flux is opening the mind away from what feels fearful towards the what is possible.  

this is part of a series i'm writing for my daughters. this is where it is going right now. maybe someday i'll delete it all into the ether.

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advantage of the longview
advantage of the longview

October 04, 2017

lets look at the beauty of longview.

problems problems! everywhere you look is problems! 

not for the creative mind taking the longview.

problems conceal opportunities. for creative mind this is the fuel of the engine. frankly the bigger the problem, the bigger the solution and someone is going to find it. the only speed barrier is how open the minds is around the problem (which is why meditation is one of the most powerful tools there is). listen to someones list of problems and project yourself away from that spiraling story of gloom and look at the bigger picture: look 3, 5, 10 to 15 years forward - the fact is someone is going to make the f*ucking lemonade out of the lemons, someone is going to solve this issue and likely with some great finesse - and it might as well be you.

lets look at plastic bottles piling up. one could look and throw hands up and say 'people are so wasteful!'. that may or may not be true. but one can look back into the beginning of the last century and see that the thought of carrying clean water so easily and accessibly on a vast scale would have been like a miracle to people 100 years ago, given people were drinking beer for lack of clean water in some places. so those plastic bottles were a real innovation which is why they were so prolific.

but whats interesting is not about how it happened or why or what it means. this is about perspective. are these bottles just Trash as an impenetrable fact? the answer is "what can we do with these"

so people put the bottles into recycled high tech fabrics, 3d printing technologies, building technologies etc. etc. 

is that perfect? its right for right now and later there will be something better. its a step towards more innovation/creation is what it is

and lets look at perfection as a concept. perfection implies completion. perfection does not exist because the story does not end. 

when one understands that, theres a distance that happens and a curiosity that happens. theres unlikely the emotional pull of fear or negativity because its an understanding of an ongoing process. 

its understanding that yes, everything is in flux, and this allows appreciation for flux and the process of our evolution in products, services, technology. something is created, and then theres a downside and then something vastly better takes its place. thats the thrill for the person who appreciates the freedom that represents - to imagine, to create, even just to step back and watch. 

so you get comfortable with problems understanding that they are simply an event on the way to a solution, a solution that will inspire another interesting idea and another thing after that

now lets take the longest view. look up into into the masterpiece of sky above, ever changing every moment.  look out at the infinite sparkle of ocean. look into the unfolding stars and now into the quiet space within when you meditate and just watch. 

long view is a good view. 

this is part of a series i'm writing for my daughters. this is where it is going right now. maybe someday i'll delete it all into the ether.

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